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Caring Foundations To Scale Back Operations and Change Strategy in 2015


Caring Foundations was founded in August 2012 to work to ensure the sustainability and survivability of the community-based model of hospice.


The Caring Foundations strategy was to identify sustainability challenges, help local hospices understand these threats, and develop and help implement solutions to guarantee long-term success for stand-alone not-for-profit hospices.


Caring Foundations will continue to pursue that mission—but with scaled-back operations necessitated by the long timeline necessary to bring about such change.


Over the past two years, Caring Foundations has been communicating regularly with the vast majority of community-based not-for-profit hospices in the continental United States—making nearly 7,500 total contacts with more than 1,000 senior executives at more than 700 hospices.


We heard much agreement and little disagreement with our assessment of the perilous state of the nation’s community-based hospices. We also found, however, that effecting the broad systemic change necessary to overcome these threats was too far-reaching for most programs to move on quickly or decisively.


Caring Foundations has found that the challenge of bringing stand-alone hospices together under a common umbrella to leverage the benefits of size and scale—while ensuring continued local governance, control and identity—is a difficult and time-consuming solution that most community-based hospices did not want to pursue at this time. And although community-based hospices acknowledge the significant cost advantages the large regional and national for-profit providers enjoy (10 percent of gross revenue or more), Caring Foundations has found minimal interest among community-based providers in aggressively sharing back office costs to reduce overhead, increase efficiency and free up additional funding for patient and family care.


The time required to implement such far-reaching and systemic change in how stand-alone hospices operate and organize exceeds the limitations of Caring Foundations’ own timeline and foundation-provided funding.


As a result, Caring Foundations will be significantly scaling back and reconfiguring its operations and discontinuing its direct outreach to community-based hospices. Yet because we continue to believe in the mission and values that are at the heart of the community-based model of hospice, we will continue to participate in building sustainability solutions for this segment of hospices.


In 2015 Caring Foundations will act as a resource for community-based hospices that want information about:

  1. Understanding the ongoing systemic challenges to the long-term sustainability and success of the community-based model of hospice.
  2. Developing workable solutions to compete in an environment that increasingly places a premium on size and scale.
  3. Creating their own shared services programming.
  4. Participating in a shared services program.
  5. Forming business combinations among community-based hospices.
  6. Maintaining a strong voice in public policy/regulatory matters.


Caring Foundations, which was founded in August 2012 by the Foundation for End-of-Life Care, will continue to maintain office operations at 3325 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, Florida, 33021, and can be reached at 954-272-9847 or by email at